Life After You (feature), January 2020

Director, Co-Writer, Producer

A suburban family struggles with their 19-year-old son’s death following an overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl and the question of who is responsible for it happening. The film is inspired by the book, “Life After You: What Your Death From Drugs Leaves Behind” by Linda Lajterman.

Starring: Florencia Lozano, Gary Perez, Kathryn Erbe, Craig 'muMs' Grant, Tina Benko

"A" My Name Is (short), 2018

Director, Writer, Producer

A young girl with early-stage cancer has a late-night adventure that culminates in the realization of her mortality.

A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud. (short, 2016)

Production Design Department

Director, Screenwriter: Karen Allen

Starring: Jeffrey DeMunn, James McMenamin, Jackson Smith

A delicate Zen like passing of wisdom from an older man to a young boy when they meet by chance in the early morning hours at a roadside café in 1947. Based on the short story by Carson McCullers.

Brown Fish (short), 2016

Script Supervisor

Director: Troy Deutsch​

It all starts with a missing goldfish and a strange smell. Now a young woman's world spins out of control, as she goes to meet her friend in the park.

Family Matters (short), shoot dates Spring 2020

Director, Writer, Producer

An orphan girl gets ready for adoption day by taking one last bright-eyed stroll through the neighborhood while fantasizing about the kind of life that she has waiting for her.

Winner of the Script-2-Screen Competition at the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival. The film will receive a $25,000 Production Services Grant through Sacred Heart University to help produce the script into a film to premiere at next year's festival.

Sarah T.