A Stage Of Twilight​


An elderly woman is faced with a life/death decision after her husband, a man who has been diagnosed with a terminal heart disease, informs her that he will spend his final days alone in

Workshop/Reading, August 2019

Producer: Dorset Theatre, VT

Director: Dina Janis-MacFarlane

Actors: Karen Allen

              Kale Browne
              Oliver Palmer

Workshop/Reading, August 2018

Producer: Berkshire Theatre Group, MA

Director: Larry Moss

Actors: Karen Allen

             Jeffrey DeMunn

Workshop/Reading, January 2017

Producer: Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC

Actors: Karen Allen

              Jeffrey DeMunn

             J.J. Condon

A Place For Mom


A woman accuses her father-in-law of rape after she discovers that he and her mother, a woman with late-stage Alzheimer's, have continued a sexual relationship against doctor's orders. The story explores the moral and ethical confusion surrounding an individual’s capacity to consent during late stage Alzheimer’s. 

Workshop/Reading, June 2018

Producers: Pocono Mountains Theater Company

                    Maned Wolf Productions

Director: Hunter Bird

Actors: Lori Singleton

              Michael Cullen

              Ed Trucco

              MaryJane Baer

              Dianara Vazquez

Workshop/Reading, March 2018

Producers: The Actors Studio

Actors: Susanna DiDona

              Ed Trucco,

Workshop/Reading, March 2017

Producers: The Actors Studio

Actors: Chris Stack

The Third


A couple blurs the boundaries of their relationship to explore their unsatisfied urges and provocative insecurities.

Cold Reading, February 2017

Naked Angels, Tuesdays @ 9, NYC & Miami

Apple Of My Eye


Reading, January 2015

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater 

Sarah T.